67.dry fried chicken with vegetables /干锅鸡
68.dry fried beef with vegetables /干锅牛肉
69.dry fried spiribs with vegetables 干锅排骨
70.dry fried prawns with vegetables /干锅虾
71.dry fried pig's intestines with vegetables /干锅肥肠
72. DRY fried potatoes /干锅土豆片
74.dry fried cabbage /干锅包菜
75.fried Lamb with Cumin /孜然羊肉
76.fried beef with Cumin /孜然牛肉
77.fried spiribs with Cumin /孜然小排
3.Grill pork/韩式烤五花肉
Grill pork belly on hot stone
4.Grill beef/石板烤牛肉
Grill beef on hot stone
5.Grill spicy chicken/韩式烤辣鸡肉
Grill spicy chicken with cheese
6.Grill spicy pork belly/烤辣五花肉
Grill spicy pork belly with cheese
9.Kimchi hot pot with beef /泡菜肥牛火锅
(Kimchi beef cabbage noodle tofu mushroom needle mushroom rice cake)
10.budae jjigae / Spicy Sausage Stew/部队火锅
(Kimchi pork sausage cabbage noodle tofu mushroom needle mushroom cheese rice cake)
11.Seafood hot pot/海鲜火锅
Kimchi seafood tofu ricecake mushroom
Spicy pot
Spicy pot/麻辣香锅
Beef chinese cabbage Lettuce Pakchoi Lamb Oyster mushroom needles mushroom Coriander Fish balls Mushroom Crown daisy Shrimp balls Potato Sprouts sausage Broccoli Lotus root You can freely mix 250g meat or fish ingredients with 500g vegetables.
12.Kimchi soup/泡菜汤
13.Miso soup/酱汤
14.Kimchi (big)泡菜(大)
17.korean fried chicken/韩式炸鸡
Bibimbap: rice mix with assorted vegetables served in a hot stone pot/石锅饭
19..Naengmyeon(cold noodle)/冷面
Naengmyeon(cold noodle)/冷面
20..Noodle in soyabean paste/炸酱面
Noodle in soyabean paste/炸酱面
21..Shin Ramyun/辛拉面
Shin Ramyun: Spiced noodle with Kimchi/辛拉面
22..Kimbap:Ris ruller med tang/紫菜卷饭
23..Tteogbok Ki/炒打糕
Tteogbok Ki:Stegt rice cake/炒打糕
24..Fried Rice with Kimchi/辣白菜炒饭
Fried Rice with Kimchi/辣白菜炒饭
25..Chinese dumplings(6pes)/饺子
Chinese dumplings(6pes)/饺子
27.Chinese cucumber salad/黄瓜拌金针菇
Chinese cucumber salad with gold needle mushroom (Enokitake)/黄瓜拌金针菇
29.Chinese cumumber salad/黄瓜拌牛肉
Chinese cumumber salad with beef/黄瓜拌牛肉
31.Chinese cabbage salad/家常凉菜
Chinese cabbage salad with pork/家常凉菜
32.Yuxiang eggplant Sautéed/鱼香茄子
Yuxiang eggplant Sautéed in Sichuan Spicy garlic sauce/鱼香茄子
33.Multi-flavoured eggplant slices/风味茄条
Multi-flavoured eggplant slices/风味茄条
34.Sweet and sour Pork/chicken/锅包肉
Sweet and sour Pork/chicken cubes in orange flavored sauce/锅包肉
35.Shredded Pork/chicken/beef/香辣肉丝
Shredded Pork/chicken/beef Sautéed in Spicy Chili Sauce/香辣肉丝
36.Stir-fry pork/chicken cubes/溜肉段
Stir-fry pork/chicken cubes/溜肉段
37. .Yuxiang Shredded Pork/chicken/鱼香肉丝
Yuxiang Shredded Pork/chicken Sautéed in Spicy Garlic Sauce/鱼香肉丝
38.Sweet and Sour Braised Spare Ribs/糖醋排骨
Sweet and Sour Braised Spare Ribs/糖醋排骨
39.Braised Spare Ribs in Brown Sauce/红烧排骨
Braised Spare Ribs in Brown Sauce/红烧排骨
40.Sautéed Shredded Pork/chicken/京酱肉丝
Sautéed Shredded Pork/chicken in Sweet Bean Sauce/京酱肉丝
42.Slow braised pork/红烧肉
Slow braised pork/红烧肉
43.Stir Fried Svinekøe med Kimchi/辣白菜炒五花肉
Stir Fried Svinekøe med Kimchi/辣白菜炒五花肉
45.Spicy stir fried shrimp/辣炒大虾
Spicy stir fried shrimp/辣炒大虾
46.Sauteret Chinese Kimchi//酸菜炒粉条
Sauteret Chinese Kimchi with glass noodle /酸菜炒粉条
47.Slow braised beef slices/酱牛肉
Slow braised beef slices with chili in brown sauce /酱牛肉
48.Sautéed tofu/石板豆腐
Sautéed tofu served on a Hot Stone/石板豆腐
49.Sautéed dried tofu/尖椒干豆腐
Sautéed dried tofu and Chili pepper/尖椒干豆腐
50.Braised eggplants/地三鲜
Braised eggplants, pepper fruits and potatoes/地三鲜
51.Mapo Tofu/麻婆豆腐
Mapo Tofu/麻婆豆腐
52.Stir-fry Tofu/溜豆腐
Stir-fry Tofu/溜豆腐
53.Braised tofu/红烧豆腐
Braised tofu/红烧豆腐
54.Stewed Spareribs and Chinese Kimchi/排骨炖酸菜
Stewed Spareribs and Chinese Kimchi/排骨炖酸菜
55.Stewed spare ribs and mixing vegetables/排骨乱炖
Stewed spare ribs and mixing vegetables/排骨乱炖
56.Braised Pork with Vermicelli/猪肉炖粉条
Braised Pork with Vermicelli/猪肉炖粉条
57.Stewed Chicken with mushroom/小鸡炖蘑菇
Stewed Chicken with mushroom/小鸡炖蘑菇
58.Braised pork with vegetables/红烧肉乱炖
Braised pork with vegetables/红烧肉乱炖
60.Spicy stir-fry ox stomach/辣炒牛肚
Spicy stir-fry ox stomach/辣炒牛肚
62. Spicy stir-fry pork stomach/辣炒猪肚
Spicy stir-fry pork stomach/辣炒猪肚
(Korean tea)
(Japese tea)
Green tea
Jasmine tea
Ice green tea
Ice green tea with honey
Ice green tea with pomegranate
Ice white tea with blueberry
Aloe Drink Winther lime
Coke cola (330ml)
Coke Zoro (330ml)
Faxe Kondi (330ml)
Fanta (330ml)
Qingdao (Chinese beer)
Asahi (Japanese beer)
Ice water
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